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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please Note:  These are not "frequently asked questions". I am typing the questions and the answers so you can get an idea of what I'm doing, what I'm offering, and the basic overview of how you can start losing weight, safely, in as little as thirty days. Thank you for understanding.

1. Who are you?

Hi. My name is Michael Kristopher Kemp. I go by the name Kris Kemp. I'm a writer, copywriter, musician, photographer, natural health enthusiast, traveler, and creative entrepreneur. I have a plethora of creative interests that appear to share the common theme of freedom--creative freedom, financial freedom, travel/location freedom, health freedom, and more.  I put together "The Shift Diet" as a way to help people lose weight, safely, by making changes in their diet and lifestyle.

2.  Why are you offering "The Shift Diet" in exchange for an email?

A few reasons.  One, this allows me, hopefully, to help as many people as possible get their hands on some interesting information that may be able to help them lose weight.  Two, once they sign up, they are, hopefully, on the email list.  Over time, if they stay on the email list, they'll be presented offers for e-books and e-book bundles and if they buy them, I will earn some money online.

3. Is this guaranteed to work?

This is not guaranteed to work.  No guarantees are meant to be expressed or implied.  If you apply the recommended strategies in "The Shift Diet", you are likely to lose weight and feel better.

This information is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.  If you need medical advice, please seek out a board certified medical doctor or health practitioner.

4.  How can I contact you?
Kris Kemp

5. Is this guaranteed to work?
No.  This is not guaranteed to help you lose weight.  No guarantees are being made or being implied.  Before going on any weight loss program please consult with a board certified physician, doctor, or licensed health professional.  The Shit Diet is not meant to be construed as medical advice.  The Shift Diet is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only.

6.  Are there other techniques I can use to lose weight?
Yes!  I share some of these techniques  at these websites: and

7.  Where can I find out more about natural health cures?
Visit the websites below:

Kris Kemp / / 347-557-5487

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